Hind Saïh and Dominique Barneaud founded Bellota Films to make great movies, with unique and ambitious point of views.

With a 20 years track record in the industry, both partners maintain key longstanding institutional, public and private sector contacts on the French market, EMEA and North America. The awards received by Bellota Films and their presence in international festivals have earned the company widespread visibility and recognition.


Documentary film

We produce documentary films for French and International broadcasters as well as movie theaters.

Fiction and Cinema

We develop theatrical films as executive producers and we act as minority coproducers to support international filmmakers.

New Media

We also develop emerging digital formats, especially in partnership with the company Red Corner.

  • In the prestigious world of fashion, life is a court, with its codes and its courtisans. During fashion weeks, they appear in the front row of shows. This documentary film tells the story of a family of creatures who inhabit this ever-changing kingdom. The actors and victims of a frantic,...
  • Adapted from the book of the same name by Adrien Dénouette, Jim Carrey, Unmasked America tells the story of a transgressive actor, a pirate who came to crack America's too perfect mask to reveal its most infantile and moronic face, right in the heart of the Hollywood system.
  • School of Hope tells about a nomad tribe struggling to get education for their children, and a young teacher trying to help them while suffering himself of the Government’s indifference toward rural regions. The nomads are a proud people who value their freedom; they were the last people to resist...
  •   In France and among our European neighbours, more and more people are being employed to take care of our sick or vulnerable parents, children, relatives and neighbours. They are called life assistants, but they occupy a strategic place in the organization of society. Essential, though devalued. As a social...
  •   Since the 1950s, French employers have resorted to the massive importation of Maghreb workers. Paradoxically, few historians have analyzed this period of "proletarianization" of an entire population. In this film project, Ariane Chemin and Frédéric Laffont are following in the footsteps of the 78,000 Moroccans recruited, for the Houillères...
  • The Secret Pyrenees is a documentary collection that plunges the spectator into the heart of the Pyrenean fauna, one of the most preserved in our territory. Most of the emblematic species of the wild world live here: the bear, the golden eagle, the bearded vulture, the isard... the wolf is...


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