Hind Saïh and Dominique Barneaud founded Bellota Films to make great movies, with unique and ambitious point of views.

With a 20 years track record in the industry, both partners maintain key longstanding institutional, public and private sector contacts on the French market, EMEA and North America. The awards received by Bellota Films and their presence in international festivals have earned the company widespread visibility and recognition.


Documentary film

We produce documentary films for French and International broadcasters as well as movie theaters.

Fiction and Cinema

We develop theatrical films as executive producers and we act as minority coproducers to support international filmmakers.

New Media

We also develop emerging digital formats, especially in partnership with the company Red Corner.

Our Productions
A survivor of the Nazi camps, coming from a very poor Hungarian family, he turned up to become the forger...
Our Projects
  • Iceland, 1998. After a series of unfortunate miscommunication in the command center of the Icelandic Power Company, a 26 years old electrical engineer, Mr. Felix Gretarsson, was sent up a high-voltage mast to repair a power line. When he reached the top of the mast, he was struck with lethal...
  • School of Hope tells about a nomad tribe struggling to get education for their children, and a young teacher trying to help them while suffering himself of the Government’s indifference toward rural regions. The nomads are a proud people who value their freedom; they were the last people to resist...
  • Each foreign specialty supplier, from China to Venice, carefully guarded its own precious trade secrets. To obtain this valuable knowledge and hoist France to the pinnacle of Europe’s luxury-goods market, envoys commissioned by the king engaged in all sorts of shenanigans, including espionage, kidnappings, and bribery.
  • On June 8, 2017, an article in the prestigious journal of science, Nature, publishing the research results of an international team led jointly by Abdelouahed Ben- Ncer and Jean- Jacques Hublin spurs a scientific revolution in the history of Homo Sapiens : the dating of human fossils on the Morrocan...