Una especie de familia

A film by Diego Lerman produced by Campo Cine (Argentina) in coproduction with Bellota Films

Sapiens, The New Beginning

In an ancient cave of south Morocco, a unique discovery was made that would completely rewrite the story of our species...

Inside a cop's mind

La vie (plus) saine

La quête d'une vie plus saine est devenu un vrai enjeu de société... Sommes-nous au debut d'une révolution ?

Voices from the Hood

Toulouse, Le Mirail. One of the biggest hot spots in France...

In my dreams I have hands

Felix Gretarsson has one dream: to hug his daughters again. A french medical team is about to make this dream comes true...

Elmyr de Hory’s life was as dizzying and fascinating as his work...

The journey

The incredible journey of a pregnancy lived by the wild sea and the cetaceans...

Chernobyl-Fukushima: Living With the Legacy

What do we really know about living in contaminated areas?

The Wanted 18

In the Middle-East, only cows are black and white.


My village

52 minutes documentary dirceted by Alwa Deluze

With the participation of France télévisions – France 3 Région Midi Pyrénées

And the support of Région Occitanie Pyrénées-Méditerrannée and Procirep-Angoa 

I live in Castagnède, pop. 200, a small village located in France near the Pyrenées mountains. It is a poor and empty land, deeply changed by agricultural and industrial mutations. Yet I've found there a vivid community of citizens...

Alwa Deluze 


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Bellota Films

Bellota Films was created in 2009 by Hind Saïh and Dominique Barneaud, to make great movies with unique and ambitious points of views. 

For 20 years, the 2 producers have produced films in France and abroad, always seeking innovative and first-rate stories. We love falling in love with stories, following an intuitive method, in order to share exceptional messages about our world and society. 


In 2015 Bellota Films has been nominee to the Procirep Award Best Producer in documentary. 


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