Hind Saih

Hind was born and raised in Morocco. She arrived in France after getting her High School diploma, to pursue tertiary eduction in France.

After her initial degree, a mixture of science, literature, and theatre studies, she completes a Degree in Cinema and prepares a thesis, then a DESS at the Institut Européen de Cinéma et d’Audiovisuel (IECA) in Nancy specialising in Documentary.

During her studies, Hind directs several short films and works on the set of feature films as an assistant. She also travels for her studies to several countries (Italy, USA, Libya, etc.)

She joins Play Film in 1999, an independent production and distribution company based in Paris, where she works as head of international distribution for 3 years, before launching the production activity.

In 10 years, Hind produces around 30 hours of documentary on various topics, experimenting with new aesthetics and new narrative modes, while putting forward a strong vision of contemporary society.

The artistic and creative qualities of these films, co-produced with prestigious foreign partners (such as NHK, Discovery International Networks, ONF-NFB, CBC, SBS, Sweden, Holland, Poland,…) have been rewarded in prestigious International Film Festivals like Prix Italia, Prix Europa, Golden Chest, BANFF Rockie Award, Best of Input,etc.

In 2009, with Dominique Barneaud she sets up Bellota Films to produce unique and ambitious films, following a strong editorial line.

Hind has recently :

  • "IMMIGRATION, AT THE BORDERS OF THE LAW", 90' documentary directed by Manon Loizeau. Prime time broadcasting on Canal +. With the support of Canal+, Planète, Planète Justice, CNC, Fond d’aide à la diversité and Région Ile de France.
  • "THE DEPORTATION MACHINE", web documentary directed by Julie Chansel and Michaël Mitz. Graphic design by Cellules Studio. Online on Canalplus.fr and lemonde.fr
  • "A FETISH WORLD", 52' documentary directed by Charles-Antoine de Rouvres and Jérôme Scemla, with the support of France 3, for the strand "Déshabillez-moi".
  • "THE WILD WEST", 60' documentary directed by Aline Fisher, in co-production with Images Plus, with the support of the Innovation Fund of the CNC, of the Agence Culturelle D’Alsace and the Bourse Louis Lumière.
  • "NUCLEAR ALERT", 110’ and 2x52’documentary, directed by Thomas Johnson (2010), with France 3, NHK, CBC, TSR, TVP, NRK, SVT and the support of Media.
  • "HARM ME", 90’ and 52’ documentary directed by Lina B. Moreco, Canada (2008), with France 5 and Planète, France-Canada Co-production – National Film Board (ONF-NFB)
  • "THE BATTLE OF TCHERNOBYL", 94' documentary directed by Thomas Johnson (2006), in co-production with France 3, Discovery International Networks (USA). Prix Italia ; special mention Prix Europa - Berlin ; Golden Chest International TV Festival – Sofia – Bulgarie ; Festival International du Film d'Histoire – Pessac ; Göteborg International Film Festival – Sweden ; FIPA ; INPUT 2007 ; Festival Images mouvementées - Paris ; Grand prix of the documentary category, Banff TV Film Fest (Canada) ; Festival Unaff – Stanford – USA ; Best of INPUT – San Francisco.
  • "HOMO SAPIENS, A NEW STORY OF MANKIND", 54' documentary directed by Thomas Johnson (2005), in co-production with ARTE, Discovery International Networks (USA), NMO (Netherland). Science Film Festival Pariscience – Paris ; Archeology Film Festival - Amiens
  • "ARAFAT, MY BROTHER", 80' and 52' documentary directed by Rashid Masharawi, Palestine, in co-production avec et NMO (Netherland), Planète . France-Canada co-production with Tutti Frutti Films and Radio Canada - RDI Special Jury Prize Biennale des Cinémas arabes – Institut du Monde Arabe – International Film Festival of Rotterdam ; Festival Cinema Africano d'Asia e America Latina de Milan ; Human Rights Nights Cineteca de Bologne ; Seattle International Film Festival ; Chicago Palestine Film Festival ; Festival de Nyon ; Festival AMAL – Espagne ; Festival des Cinémas arabes – Amsterdam – Pays-bas ; Festival de Carthage – Tunisie ; Festival de Tromso – Norvège. Festival Songes d’une nuit dv – Saint Denis – France – Prix du documentaire étranger ; Festival Casa Ciné – Casablanca, Maroc.
  • "I WOULD LIKE TO TELL YOU... ", 62' documentary by de 62' by Dalila Ennadre, Morocco, in co-production with NMO (Netherlands)
  • "THE TIME OF THE FOLD", 26' performance recreated and directed by Cathy Levy, on a choregraphy by Josef Nadj, in co-production with Arte France, SVT (Sweden)
  • "KEEP SHOOTING", 60' documentary by Baudoin Koenig, in co-production with Images Plus, NMO (Netherlands), SVT (Sweden) and the Cinema Images Fund. International Documentary Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) 2003 ; Festival de Douarnenez ; Images d’ailleurs et d’ici ; Rio Film Festival.

Hind is also an expert and a consultant for the audiovisual production and new medias for the Media Program of the European Commission. She is a member of the USPA French producer's association, of the C7 documentary organization and of the AST French Science Producers' association. Hind is also active in reflection groups focusing on new medias.