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“Hello, police?” Behind these few words, an expectation. A request, a hope. An emergency? A peril? Not necessarily… All the calls made to the 17th deliver little bits of life charged with emotion, distress or anxiety. Sometimes; and in particular through “polluting” calls, they reflect feelings and situations of insecurity.

Calls to the 17th continue to increase. Sometimes we get close to implosion. However, not all calls are “police rescue missions.”
All the calls made to the 17th speak volumes about the company. In direct contact with reality and the snapshot, they deliver small pieces of life full of emotion, distress or anxiety. They sometimes reveal real situations of insecurity, but more often than not, and especially through “polluting” calls, they bear witness to the feelings of insecurity that run through our society.
The police, we do not necessarily like it when it comes to us, because often it is to punish an offence or a misdemeanour. But when we go to it, we expect everything and the impossible, often believing that she does not do enough …