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“I’ve been a robber, a thief, a mobster. I’ve blown my veins, I’ve boozed, I’ve boozed and I’ve fucked chicks. I haven’t killed anyone yet. I nevere stole poor people.
My name is Stela and I’m 42 years old today, 10 of them in jail.
My life is chaos. ”

Stela, 41 years old and smoking, is a gypsy, lesbian, robber, thief, mafioso, seropositive, ex-drug addict, with 10 years in jail. All this in Romania, please!

Stela Chiorea, with her scarred arms and scarred stomach, is not an invention. In 2017, she met Ana, her Swiss wife, made out of candy cane. 30 years old, blonde like wheat, fresh as an orange with juice. Their story is the very embodiment of the fantasy of passionate love: insane orgasms, infernal arguments.

A love story thus. A story of a shooting star. A story where life and death come close together. A story about how “living” and “feeling alive” are not the same thing.

A film by Anca Hirte

In coproduction with Elefant Films (Switzerland) and Ultraviolet Media (Romania)

  • Author-Director
    Anca Hirte/