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A young Asian woman sits behind an instrument that could contain a body, placed on two frail trestles…

Jing is a young Chinese woman who lives in Paris. Brimed by an authoritarian father who did not let her live her passion for a thousand-year-old musical instrument, she has no choice but to emigrate. She chose France.
Her situation is fragile. Playing music on the subway, and chaining odd jobs for Chinese cultural organizations, she struggles to earn a living, to keep her precious residence permit… and hopes to repay his debt to his father.
To the rhythm of its melodies, in the intimacy of everyday life, the film shows the trajectory of a young woman with contradictory desires, forced to constantly reinvent herself. Faced with a stalemate in her situation in France, she decided to return to China. For a time, she gave up music to « do business » between the two countries…

    Nicolas Hans Martin/
    Annick Raoul/